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The Fletcher/Schwing Studio Gallery presents the work of artists Leslie Schwing and Greg Fletcher.

For the past 20 years Greg Fletcher and Leslie Schwing have been sharing a studio and an art life.  Both seasoned artists they came from very different backgrounds.  Greg from the world of Baltimore and it’s artists and Leslie from Pittsburgh, Washington DC and the Dominican Republic.

The showroom at 1452 E. Baltimore Street  open by appointment or event is in the block called “Artists’ Row”, in the Artists Housing Complex.  For appointments call 410-342-1832.

DSCN9298 copy

The street is colorful and easy to find the the corner of East Baltimore and Caroline.  The back of the building reveals a marvelous garden tended by Greg and frequently the subject of paintings.


Greg Fletcher is known for his Cityscape paintings but also explores a wide range of other worlds in his work.

Caroline street mystery

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Leslie is known for her playful insightful glyph like work, often sharing subject matter as they paint plein aire together.



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